My New Mobile Phone Carrier is AT&T (Cingular)

Well, against my better instincts, I chose AT&T (Cingular) over Verizon as my new mobile phone carrier. Remember, I needed to get one because my old employer would not allow me to keep my current one (not even the phone number), even if I paid for it. I know the horror stories about coverage, etc. But here is my rationale.

1. My immediate family is on AT&T, so I should get free calls to them.

2. In the near future we are going to get the family plan, and AT&T has a cheaper plan than Verizon.

3. If I want an iPhone, I would just need to extend my contract as opposed to paying a termination fee with another carrier. Yes, I know about unlocking it.

Btw, I got a free black Motorola Razr V3 with a free bluetooth headset.

Here's hoping for the best.