Goodbye Corporate America, Hello ???

I gave notice to my current employer today. My last day is either October 5 or 12. I gave it a year (I was contractually obligated to do this, but also a year seems like a good round number anyway). Why did I do this? Well, one is the 115 mile round trip commute (although my manager was kind enough to allow me to work from home a couple of days a week). More importantly, however, is to start a new direction with my career. I am planning to dive into the world of starting a business.

This blog is about me (obviously since it has my name as the domain). But, more specifically, it will be about adventure through life as I travel down this new path. It should be a fun, ever-changing roller coaster, and I hope you can enjoy the ride with me and my family.

btw, my spouse may be starting her own business as well if other opportunities don't work out -- so we can both have fun supporting our family with no income coming in ;-)