Things I Take For Granted in the Corporate World

Boy, the things you take for granted when working for a corporation:

  • Health insurance, maybe even dental, for you and family
  • A retirement plan set up for you
  • Business and personal liability insurance -- or lack thereof as it is hidden by the corporation
  • Known vacation days and holidays
  • Known work hours, in general (e.g. 8-5)
  • A business plan -- even when you don't necessarily agree with it
  • An office --- well, a cubicle at least
  • A steady paycheck, even when times are slow (unless you are laid off)

I know the above list isn't universal to all, but I believe it is true for many.

These are just a few of the things I am thinking about as I start to venture out on my own.

What are some other corporate items you take for granted??