I had a talk with my boss' boss

My boss' boss called me today on my mobile phone because my boss told him that I was leaving the company. I was working from home. Interestingly enough, this was the first time I talked to him in my year at the company. That is probably weird. My impressions were that he was a decent guy and my short conversation with him left nothing to change that impression.

He asked me questions like:

1. Why am I leaving the company? 2. How did I feel about my manager? 3. Is there something the company could have done to make me stay?

I tried to answer those as honestly as I could. While the company isn't perfect, no company is. And my reason for leaving is more personal rather than something that the company did or didn't do. My boss is a different type of boss who I know some people can't work with, but I we had an amicable relationship (not best friends by any means, but I think we respected each other). There is nothing the company could do to make me stay (well, maybe a $300K salary and 10 weeks vacation - I mean "realistically" do). The commute was a big part of it along with my desire to try something new.

I think we are having lunch tomorrow (assuming I am not sick -- see another post for that detail).