Telling a teammate you are resigning

Tomorrow, I get the "great pleasure" of telling my lone teammate that I am leaving the company in a couple of weeks. I actually like my teammate quite a bit. He is a good guy; tries to be humorous. He has good software engineering skills and will keep things moving forward. It is the truth that it is better to lose me than him with respect to the project that we are working on -- he has been there much longer and knows the product very well. This is probably the hardest part of this whole process for me, as weird as that may seem. Or maybe I should use the word awkward instead of hard.

I imagine it is going to be strange for him to be the only one reporting to my manager. It was strange only having a two person team, let alone a one person team.

I hope I use the right protocol and etiquette.

I will let you know how it goes.