My Boss Beat Me To It and The Dull Spoon

So there I was. I was to have a pre-farewell lunch with my boss' boss and afterwards I was to tell my teammate the bad (I hope) news. On the way to lunch, I told my boss' boss that one of the hardest, if not hardest, thing I was going to have to do was to tell my teammate that I was leaving. The response "Oh, [my boss] told him yesterday". I was shocked. Not that my boss told him, but that my teammate let 1 1/2 days go by without saying a word!!

I walk into my teammate's cubicle after lunch, sit down and he gives me this look like he knew that I knew he knew the news (is that an alliteration??). I asked why he didn't say anything. He said so I could suffer in agony. He brought out his dull butter-knife that he said he would use on me if I was to ever leave and then said he was going to use a dull spoon instead ;-)

He understood my reasoning for leaving.

I am going to miss my teammate. He is a good guy and super smart. I wish him all the best in the world.