The 10 Steps To Open For Business

I am using StartupNation's 10 Steps To Open For Business to get my business started. Here are the 10 steps:

  1. Create a Life Plan

  2. Choosing a Business Model

  3. Create a Business Plan

  4. Select a Business Structure

  5. Create Key Business Assets

  6. Find the Funding

  7. Organize Logistics

  8. Find Great People

  9. Establish a Brand

  10. Market and Sell

 I am in the middle of step 3, but I update my life plan as necessary. It is a living document.

The big question I have around these 10 steps is if they are applicable to all types of businesses, particularly, in my case, a Micro-ISV. It looks like the steps are generic enough to be able to apply, but I would like to hear from any software entrepreneurs who have used this methodology successfully (and also unsuccessfully).

There is also school of thought that says "Just Do It" (sorry, Nike), which basically means develop your product first and foremost, because doing anything else is just fluff if you don't have a developed and marketable product.

What attracted me to these 10 steps is the organization of them. It is a nice cheat sheet to ensure you are covering your basis. I tend to think the 10 steps and the "Just Do It" philosophy are not actually mutually exclusive.

What are some other methodologies?

My next post will talk a little bit about the Life Plan and how it specifically relates to starting my business.