Westward Bound

State of CaliforniaGolden Gate Bridge Well, it is official. We are heading back West; California to be specific. This is going to be happening in mid-late December.

California has appeal for many reasons:

  1. My wife got a part time job at our old company. She has been wanting to balance adult interaction with being a mother for a while now, and, honestly, this is a perfect opportunity to do it. We couldn't have asked for a better offer (and, since I am not bringing in a "stable" income yet, this is a great way to keep food on the table while I get my business off the ground).
  2. We will be living close enough to one of the tech hubs of the world (Silicon Valley) that it can only help me in my business ventures. But we will be living far enough away where we can afford the cost of living. ;-)
  3. While low probability, there is still a chance I can partner up with an old colleague of mine back in California in a business venture. There is zero probability if I stay in North Carolina.
  4. Personally, from a general landscape (e.g. mountains, coast, etc.) perspective, I like the west coast much better than the east coast. I have missed that.

What makes this hard, of course, is the family situation. One of the reasons we moved from California was because most of our family is in North Carolina and on the east coast. They will be missed.

But, I think, in the end, this is what is best for the four of us, and when it all comes down to it, that is what has to drive your final decisions. I hope our family members understand and decide to come and visit us in California more often. It is a wonderful place to visit, that is for sure.

It is very possible that California becomes our final "landing" point. And that wouldn't bother me. After living in 4 different residences in the last 1.25 years -- and this will make 5 (and maybe 6 if and when we decide to buy a house) -- I am kind of tired ;-)

For the next 2 months or so, the blog name "Life of Constant Flux" takes on a literal meaning, as a move across the country with two young children is crazy!!!