Micro-ISV: Working on Multiple Projects at the Same Time?

I believe I have decided on my first Micro-ISV projects; three to be exact. One is a primarily web-based effort. Another is a primarily desktop application. And one is just a fairly simple tool.

My contracting work supposedly ends in January, at which time I can start to focus fully on developing these products. (Of course, other contracting/consulting work could come my way after January, and I have to do the normal cost/benefit analysis -- but let's just assume for the time being that I have full time devotion to Micro-ISV products after January).

The tool I think I can get out relatively quickly. But the web-based application and the desktop application are quite a bit more complicated. I would like to get both out as soon as possible, but as a one person shop, new to this whole Micro-ISV thing, I am wondering about serial vs. parallel work styles when it comes to developing products.

In other words, is development "multi-tasking" a good idea?


Back in the "corporate world" working on more than 1 distinct project at the same time was fairly common. However, at least in my case, you worked in a team setting; so you didn't own the whole project/product on your own. Plus, you didn't necessarily have to worry about the non-development aspects of the company (marketing, finances, etc.)

With a Micro-ISV I can see it both ways. On one hand, working on two or more projects at once can remove focus from one project and you might miss something. On the other hand, if you get stuck or just burnt out on one project, you can always move to another project for a while.

So I am hoping I can hear about some experiences from folks that have attempted and either failed or succeeded in managing to work on two development projects at one time.

Input appreciated. Thanks.