In Search of Good Mac OS X Software for my Apple MacBook Pro

Below is what I am looking for – suggestions would be appreciated. Financial Software

I have grown a bit tired of Microsoft Money on my Windows machine. Plus they have stopped making the program, at least for 2009. I am looking for Mac financial software that:

  1. Allows for online download of transactions from institutions
  2. Keeps track of both bank and investments accounts
  3. A great nice to have would be the generation of invoices for business

I might just have to wait for Quicken Financial Life to come out.

Blogging Software

Windows Live Writer (on which I am writing this post) is the best blog writing software available. Bar none. Find me one on the Mac that at least can be in the same discussion, please.


I am just interested in seeing if there is a good anti-virus program for the Mac. I probably wouldn’t use it permanently, but I would like to see if such a program would be able to find anything on my Mac.


… and I am still looking for a good online backup service too.