Working On Being More Open and Honest With What I am Thinking and Feeling

This is not a technical or business related post. It is personal. But I figure I am alloted some personal posts every now and then. I reflected on what happened to Steve Jobs yesterday. I thought about how someone with that amount of resources at his disposal is still as human as any of us, and thus can suffer the same fates as any of us can. I got to thinking about something indirectly to approach my life.

I admit it. In one respect I am a bit cowardly. I tend to avoid possibly controversial or uncomfortable situations, especially when it comes to something personal (I am a bit better when the topics are business related, etc.)

For reasons I won't go into here, that needs to change. I am making it my mission to be more forthright with my opinions -- even if the consequences could be an awkward or uncomfortable situation. It is just not healthy to ignore certain situations or try to brush situations off as "nothing". Definitely not healthy for me in the long run, I can tell you that. 

Now, that does not mean I am going to be spouting at the lip about every meaningless topic, but I do need to find a middle ground because right now I am very much on the extreme other end of the spectrum. And, of course, that does not mean I am going to blog about these personal issues that may arise.

But I am a believer that honesty is the only way to establish "reality" so to speak. And living in reality is a lot better than living in fantasy (well, for most things ;-) ).

The only reason I am writing this particular post is to force me to get to work on making this reform of my "inner Joel" happen. I figured publicly posting something like this is a good first step at being open and honest. ;-)

Now off to write an email to someone close to me.....