The Authoritative Top 10 Pearl Jam Songs

OK ... authoritative as chosen by me. :-) When anyone asks me my favorite singer or band, there is no hesitation that it is Pearl Jam. Lollapalooza 1992 pretty much defined my musical interest in this band, and there has been no turning back.

I was challenged to come up with my Top 10 favorite songs by this band, led by Eddie Vedder. I would say their catalog consists on the order of 175+ songs, and I like a bunch of them. Narrowing the list down to 10 was horribly difficult. But I did it. I quickly narrowed down the list by grabbing my "5-star" rated songs off of iTunes. There were about 25 of those. Then I listened to those 25 to come up with my decision.

Without further ado, here is the list of all Pearl Jam lists, with video samples so you can get an idea of how great these songs are:


Down (Lost Dogs, 2003): An uplifting song off of their Lost Dogs album, I have no real main reason for liking this song other than I just like it. It almost has an R.E.M type feel to it. Talks about being lifting yourself up from the depths of some sort of despair. I would say this is the most "poppy" song on my list. At least it is not "Last Kiss", I guess (although, I like that song better than a lot of people). By the way, for the video below, I was at that concert in San Francisco :-)


Love Boat Captain (Riot Act, 2002): This song starts builds from slow to fast and ends slow. A great blend of melody and singing. It is actually a very emotional song, especially to Pearl Jam. It is dedicated to nine people that died during a concert Pearl Jam was giving in Denmark in 2000. "Lost nine friends we'll never know, two years ago today".


Rearviewmirror (Vs., 1993): A hard-hitting, fast-paced song with Vedder on the guitars. The beginning instruments just captures you. And then "I took a drive today/Time to emancipate". For some reason, I initially thought this song was about some sort of date rape, but them came to realize it was about becoming free of abuse of someone who was hated with a passion. Apparently, this is about Vedder hating is stepfather. The end of this song gets your air guitar going. :-) Oh, and for you Cold Case fans, this song was featured in a two episode series featuring Pearl Jam (right after their greatest hits album "Rearviewmirror" came out).


State of Love and Trust (The movie "Singles" soundtrack (1992) / Rearviewmirror, 2004): This was written for the 1992 movie "Singles". A song about love and faithfulness, this is just one of those songs that jams. It is fast and the ending guitar playing is awesome.


Yellow Ledbetter (Lost Dogs, 2003 / Rearviewmirror, 2004): Mainly a very popular concert ending song, the lighters get thrown up when this song is played. It has been admitted that Jimi Hendrix was "ripped off" for this song. Not a fast song. Lyrically powerful. I believe Vedder has mentioned this being about someone dying in war. I love the song-ending guitar. Another Cold Case featured song.


Black (Ten, 1991): Number 1 on many Pearl Jam fans' lists, Black is probably the song I would introduce to a new listener of Pearl Jam...especially one who is more inclined to softer ballads. One of their most emotional songs, I believe it is about a couple's breakup and the pain that goes with it (others say it is about a suicide or an abortion). The sticking lyric - "I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's sky, but why, why, why, can't it be, can't be mine?". And another Cold Case featured song.


Porch (Ten, 1991): The best song on their debut album Ten in my opinion. Just beating out Black. There really isn't a whole lot to the song, actually. A quick intro, an awesome beginning riff, verse, awesome instrumental, verse, awesome ending. Quick and hard hitting 3 minutes. A great concert song. This song got me loving Pearl Jam. Period. In a way, this song will always be my favorite. By the way, the crowd jump in the second video below from Pink Pop 92 is freaking amazing (about 2 minutes and 50 seconds in).


I Got S**t (Merkin Ball, 1995 / Rearviewmirror, 2004): The made for release title is "I Got ID". I like the original title better :-) Capturing me with its initial guitar sequence by Eddie Vedder and Neil Young (yes, that Neil Young), the lyrics start off depressing and emotional. And it stays that way. Great riffs. Neil Young adds a bunch to this song.


Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town (Vs., 1993): I think this is the longest title of any Pearl Jam song. It is a fairly popular song. Having an acoustic feel, this song really showcases Vedder's lyrical and singing ability. About a woman working in a small town who sees a long lost love interest. I love it!


Immortality (Vitalogy, 1994): This song actually snuck upon me as my favorite song. While popular, it is not as well known as songs like Jeremy, Alive, EvenFlow, Last Kiss, etc. In fact, I would call it is a nice gem. I am not quite sure I understand the entire song, although rumors are it is about Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and lyrics were added after his death. For those musical instrument inclined (not me), I think it is a simple enough song. But it is the perfect blend of great vocals, melodies and instrument play that make this tops on my list. And, in case you are interested, it is featured in Cold Case :-)

[Other songs in consideration for the top 10: Life Wasted (Pearl Jam), Comatose (Pearl Jam), Corduroy (Vitalogy), Given to Fly (Yield), Faithful (Yield), Dissident (Vs.), In Hiding (Yield), Unthought Known (Backspacer), Animal (Vs.), Evenflow (Ten), Sad (Lost Dogs), Alive (Ten), Thin Air (Binaural)]

Please Help Me Choose a Worthy Computer Desk Chair

I am in the market for a good computer desk chair. I mean one like Chris Pirillo has in his office -- the Grahl Synchron 8, which apparently is not sold publicly anymore. I could do without that crazy price, though. ;)

I am looking for full body support to help keep my back as pain free as possible. My sciatic nerve is really irritating me. I am willing to spend a pretty fair amount for a chair that will keep me comfortable and pain free.

Some others I am considering are:

The Kneelsit

The Mirra

The Aeron

Any recommendations?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company Spam and Scam

At 8:44 PM last night, I get this email in my Apple Mail inbox from someone named "lisa rey" with the subject "Idea for []". Hey somebody has an idea for my blog!! Great! ;)

Ding! Obviously spam or a scam, without even opening the message. How do I know? Well, first the sender's name has no capitalization. What kind of professional uses a name without capitalizing the first letter of their first and last name? Secondly, the subject screams out programmatic email with the brackets being used as a key to insert website names.

So, what other giveaways are there? I decided to open the message:

So here is what I see

  1. Message was dated 6:46 PM and I got it 2 hours later. Not sure that means much.
  2. Email address has about 10 digits after the name ellie. So, there is obviously a program generating email addresses. I mean, come on, at least have ;)
  3. The greeting addresses me as "Website Owner". Another indication of automation and spamming is not addressing you by your real name.
  4. An address, but no company name or link to company website. They even say "Our company is on the first page when you search on Google for our primary search term 'SEO Company'". REALLY? But you won't tell me what the name of your company is, huh? (btw, here is the search result for "SEO Company" on Google.
  5. They say "Simply reply with opt out if not interested to hear from us". Not very good English, if you ask me.
  6. I also did a search on Google and found other people seeing these types of emails.

So I wonder what would happen if I replied?? Not sure I am going to try to find out :-)

Top 25 Played Songs In My iTunes Collection As of April 2009

It has been about a year since I posted a list of my favorite music at a given point in time. I always like these sorts of lists because it gives me a chance to reflect on my personality when it comes to music. I also like when I see other lists like this because it reminds me that I am missing a bunch of great songs in my music collection, even though I have well over 3000 songs. So I go and buy some.

Anyway, I was looking at my iTunes playlists today and found one called "Top 25 Most Played". I looked in there and was surprised what I saw. Now these are the most played since I moved my music to iTunes in May 2008. Here is the list:

  1. Last Name -- Carrie Underwood (Played 33 times)
  2. Walk Away -- Kelly Clarkson (31 times)
  3. Life Wasted -- Pearl Jam (29 times)
  4. SIgned, Sealed, Delivered -- Stevie Wonder (25 times)
  5. All Mixed Up -- 311 (25 times)
  6. Killer Queen -- Queen (24 times)
  7. Hello (American Idol Performance) -- David Cook (21 times)
  8. Seasons of Love -- Rent the Musical (20 times)
  9. Comfortably Numb [Live] -- Roger Waters with Van Morrison (19 times)
  10. Gloria -- Van Morrison (18 times)
  11. Because of You -- Kelly Clarkson (18 times)
  12. Killing Me Softly With His Song - Fugees (16 times)
  13. Since U Been Gone -- Kelly Clarkson (16 times)
  14. Drops of Jupiter -- Train (16 times)
  15. No Diggity -- Blackstreet & Dr. Dre (14 times)
  16. Higher Ground -- Stevie Wonder (14 times)
  17. Don't Know Why -- Norah Jones (13 times)
  18. Wanted Dead or Alive -- Bon Jovi (12 times)
  19. Jump Around -- House of Pain (12 times)
  20. Illusion, Coma, Pimp and Circumstance -- Prince (12 times)
  21. It's So Hard To Say Goodbye -- Boyz II Men (11 times)
  22. Don't Let Love Go -- En Vogue (11 times)
  23. Upside Down -- Jack Johnson (11 times)
  24. Behind These Hazel Eyes -- Kelly Clarkson (11 times)
  25. Verse Chorus Verse -- Nirvana (11 times)

(Moving up quickly: Independence Day -- Martina McBride, Kiss from a Rose -- Seal, Alone -- Heart, On the Other Side of the Truth -- Sex Police, Animal -- Pearl Jam)

So what does this list show? Well, that I have a pretty diverse musical taste. I like American Idol (yes, I admit that with no shame). Kelly Clarkson seems to be my favorite artist (although it really is Pearl Jam). And.....that I let my kids listen to the Curious George Soundtrack a little too much (WHAT THE HECK IS JACK JOHNSON DOING IN HERE :) )

My First International (Spanish) Comment Spam

Well, comment spam is coming at me in other languages now. Here is the latest gem that my blog spam filter caught:

Hola a todos, en mi primer post me gustaría compartir algo con vosotros, Ya sabéis que para buscar y descargar música en internet, tenemos muy pocas opciones, generalmente utilizamos el emule o el ares, pero yo personalmente encuentro bastante frustrante bajarme una canción y que no sea la que busco, porque pierdo bastante tiempo encontrando material de calidad.
Una amiga me recomendó utilizar Altavz como mi buscador de música, y la verdad es una gozada.
Además de poder escuchar la canción, descargarla o agregarla a tus listas preferidas puedes encontrar a otros usuarios y compartir tu música con ellos.
Hace mucho que no utilizo emule, sino este [url=][b]buscador de música[/b][/url].

Which, using Google Translator, loosely means: :-)

Hello everybody, my first post I'd like to share something with you, You know that
search and download music online, we have very few options, we generally use
emule or ares, but I personally find it quite frustrating to get a song and
I'm looking for is not because I lose time finding enough quality material.

A friend recommended I use as my browser Altavz music, and really enjoyed one.

Besides being able to hear the song, download it or add it to your favorite lists can
finding other users and share your music with them.

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Well, spammer, thank you for the "useful" information.

Bill Gates: The Mosquito Prankster

Who knew that Bill Gates could be this "funny"?

LONG BEACH, California (AFP) – Microsoft founder turned disease-battling philanthropist Bill Gates loosed mosquitoes at an elite Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Conference to make a point about the deadly sting of malaria.

"Malaria is spread by mosquitoes," Gates said while opening a jar onstage at a gathering known to attract technology kings, politicians, and Hollywood stars.

"I brought some. Here I'll let them roam around. There is no reason only poor people should be infected."

Gates waited a minute or so before assuring the audience the liberated insects were malaria-free.

Well, I guess if he made a mistake, and a mosquito or two did have malaria, Bill Gates has the money to fight off some of the lawsuits (although not as much money as he used to have -- so he had better be more careful).

The 100 Oldest Internet Domain Names -- Microsoft Not Included

I found this piece on the 100 oldest internet domain names very interesting. is the oldest (Who?? ;-) )

You will see companies like Intel, AMD, AT&T, HP, Adobe on this list, but one company that was surprisingly missing was Microsoft. I would have figured that they would have been one of the first domain names. Back in the late 80s Microsoft was still finding its roots and wasn't the success it is today; but still, it was interesting to see this omission. They didn't buy their domain until 1991. is on the list, but not :-)

My Christmas and Holiday Song List for the 2008 Season

As I said last year, I like lists. Just to be in the holiday spirit, I thought I would share my Christmas and Holiday song list that I have compiled for this season. I think it is pretty good. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or just general happiness to all!

  • Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
  • Happy Xmas (War Is Over) -- John & Yoko
  • Sleigh Ride -- Amy Grant
  • Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! -- Frank Sinatra
  • My Grown-Up Christmas List -- Kelly Clarkson
  • I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas -- Bon Jovi
  • Here Comes Santa Claus -- Elvis Presley
  • The Little Drummer Boy -- Bob Seger
  • Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) -- U2
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas -- The Pretenders
  • Do You Hear What I Hear -- Carrie Underwood
  • Winter Wonderland -- Eurythmics
  • White Christmas -- The Drifters
  • The Christmas Song -- Hootie & The Blowfish
  • Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town -- Bruce Springsteen
  • Jingle Bell Rock -- Daryl Hall And John Oates
  • Wonderful Christmastime -- Paul McCartney
  • Run Rudolph Run -- Chuck Berry
  • Last Christmas -- Wham!
  • Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me) -- Elvis Presley
  • Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree -- Brenda Lee
  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer -- Gene Autry
  • Seasons of Love -- From the Musical "Rent"
  • Auld Lang Syne -- Barenaked Ladies

Go Daddy Discount Domain Club

I got an email from Go Daddy asking me if I wanted to join its discount domain club. I read the email trying to think if it is worth it and my initial impression is --- no, at least not for me. Here is the email:

Dear Joel Marcey,

How would you like an extra 15%, 30% or even 63% off new domains? Our Discount Domain Club is designed for customers like you who have multiple domains — and right now, you'll SAVE 20% on your membership, just $89.99/yr $71.99/yr! This offer expires December 24, 2008, so act today!

Your Discount Domain Club membership includes:

  • The best domain registration, transfer and renewal prices in the industry -- no minimum to buy ever!
  • FREE CashParking Premium (a $107 value)! Earn 80% of the revenue from ads placed on your parked domains.
  • FREE Go Daddy Auctions Membership! Take advantage of the Web's premier auction house, including 15% OFF premium listing fees.
  • Discounted Domain Buy Service! Let us help you negotiate a deal on the pre-owned domain you want and SAVE 33% off our standard rate.

  • Deep Domain Discounts! When we say the lowest-priced domains in the industry, we mean it. Here are just a few of the discounts you'll enjoy as a Discount Domain Club member:

  • .COM domains for 31% OFF — Just $7.29/yr*
  • .NET domains for 53% OFF — Just $5.99/yr*
  • .ORG domains for 51% OFF — Just $7.29/yr*
  • .US domains for 63% OFF — Just $7.29/yr
  • .INFO domains for 90% OFF — Just 99¢*
  • And MUCH MORE!

  • Don't pay full price for another domain! Join the Discount Domain Club now for just $89.99/yr $71.99/yr with your special 20% OFF discount. But hurry, this exclusive offer expires December 24, 2008, so sign up now!

    Thanks as always for being a Go Daddy customer.

    Bob Parsons
    CEO and Founder

    So, for $71.99, I get an automatic discount on domain names and some cash parking and auction stuff that I have yet to use and am not sure if I will.

    So let's just say, for simplicity, that I am paying $71.99 for 31% off of .COM domain names. I am sorry, but I just don't buy that many domain names -- and I can always use coupon codes when I do buy a domain name.

    Don't get me wrong, Go Daddy is a fine domain name registrar that I exclusively use, but I think something like Amazon Prime for free 2-day shipping is a better deal.

    Change is, um, err, good?......

    Well, I have completed my migration from to I think it went well, but I will continue to have trepidation until things settle down a bit. I love this new theme. Good work, deniart. I think I will stick with it for a while (assuming it remains stable of course). Let me know what you think of it.

    Anyway, I have learned a lot during this process. And, I am going to create an updated post to the one that proved to be relatively popular that talked about installing LAMP and Wordpress on Slicehost. There are a few things to add to that step-by-step guide, and believe me, I know that first hand. :-)



    Being the holidays, and remembering the lists of things I used to ask for from Santa, I thought I would make a post about lists.

    I admit it. I like lists. No, programmers, I am not talking about the data structure kind -- although those are fine in their own right. I am talking about those other types of lists -- the ones that, for example, rank items in a certain category.

    For example, I like David Letterman's Top 10 lists. I like Billboard's Top 200 lists. I like Ebert and Roeper's 10 Best (and Worst) movies of the year. I like a city's top 10 restaurants.

    I know these type of lists are subjective and have no real intrinsic meaning. But lists like these serve a couple of purposes that I find valuable:

    1. They remind you to do or get something. For example, I was reading a list displaying the Top 300 rock songs of all time. It reminded me to go buy some music to add to my music collection.
    2. They are good conversation starters. For example, if you and some friends are going out to a restaurant, but do not know where to go, you can always look up a list and say "Well, Food Magazine says the best restaurant in Anytown, USA is McDonalds". Then you discuss whether you should go to McDonalds or not (although, if your best choice is McDonald's, well, ummm.....)
    3. They help you find out about a person or entity. For example, if you see a list that ranks the top 10 movies of all time, and they all have Mr. Bean as the lead character, that would tell you something about the person who created the list (what that would tell you, I am not sure, nor do I think I really want to know)

    So periodically, I may throw in some posts where I list some of my favorite items (songs, movies, quotes, books, programming languages, etc..). It will give you a chance to find out some more about me, what I am into, and maybe trigger something that you can go do or get.

    Disabling Reply-All in Microsoft Outlook

    Tip for the day from Scott Hanselman. I know I have wanted to do this at times, in addition to disabling forwarding of messages as well (which I am assuming can be done with a similar macro).

    Now this doesn't really stop someone from replying to all altogether because a recipient, if so determined, could just manually copy all the recipients from the original email message to the reply email message. But this does solve the "accidental" reply-all.

    Taking a Hammer to Poor Customer Service

    A 75 year old woman had enough, and she was not going to take it anymore. She literally took a hammer to poor customer service. Comcast (and other companies) better be careful who they let stand out in the hot sun for 2 hours only to say 'we can't help you today; thanks for coming'.

    Ok, admit it, you have wanted to do the same thing at some point in your life, especially when getting poor customer service.