Conficker - Should Mac Users Be Worried?

So I was watching 60 Minutes last night (I can still hear that tick, tick, tick, tick, tick of the clock....and I am still amazed that Andy Rooney is still around!).

Their lead story was regarding internet viruses, particularly the Conficker virus that is supposedly just sitting dormant on many, many hosts waiting to be triggered.

There are rumors that this virus is going to be triggered on April 1st -- of course, April Fool's Day. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen. But it got me thinking......

Should Mac users be concerned?

From what Leslie Stahl was reporting on 60 minutes last night, all internet users should be freaking out about this virus. Maybe that is the case. I don't know, really. I thought this was primarily a Windows virus. But a Symantec VP in the 60 minutes piece thinks that Norton will be able to help all users.

So, are you Mac users running out and buying Norton AntiVirus for the Mac? Do you still think that Mac users don't need to be worried about anti-virus software?

I have a feeling I know where most people fall on this debate ;-)