Is Changing the Look and Feel of a Blog a Good Idea?

If you have kept up with my blog with any regularity, you will notice as you read this post that I changed the look and feel of the blog(this assumes you are reading this at and not from an RSS Reader).

I use to host my blog. You are given the choice of 60 or so presentation options. I have been using the default presentation ever since this blog's inception.

This is Wordpress' default presentation, and the one I was using until today:


You can pay $15/year to customize the presentation, but I am not a big CSS guy and have decided to go with what is offered to me by Wordpress.

Anyway, given that I am relatively new to the blogging world, I got to wondering whether it was a good or bad idea to change the presentation (look and feel) of your blog? Will you lose readers because they don't like change? Or may you gain readers because your blog looks better? Or does it not matter a single bit?

My theory is that it doesn't matter what your blog looks like if you have interesting content that people want to read (well, I guess I can concoct some images in my head that would make people shy away -- plaid background with yellow polka dots come to mind).

Any expert bloggers out there have an opinion on this?