Feeling Small in the Blogosphere

Ok, maybe being happy with my 1000th visitor was not such a big deal after all. I was reading Robert Scoble's blog today and he, coincidentally, advertised his current statistics. When your (0,0) coordinate on your stats graph is 6000, you are probably getting a bit of readership. Can you guess which graph is mine and which graph is Robert's? Hey, I must be doing something right as he does use WordPress too :-) 



I Hit the 1000 Blog Visit Milestone!!

OK, it is not a defined milestone. I am sure that is not such a wonderful feat, and my hope is that 1/2 of those aren't my own visits ;-) , but according to my WordPress statistics, I have had 1002 visits to my blog. I am hoping the next 1000 comes much quicker. My blogging is going to change gears a bit from my previous topics about leaving my former company to now starting my own business. After a lot of thinking, and a couple of possible opportunity requests, I have made the decision to go it alone (for now) and try to become a Micro-ISV. I will continue to contract as good opportunities arise (I am currently doing one now), preferably part-time, but my main focus over the next 6 months is going to be getting my Micro-ISV started.

My next post(s), which I expect to today, will be about the methodology I am following to start the business.