10 Types Of Programmers

I read an interesting, and rather humorous, commentary about the 10 types of programmers you will find out in the field. My thinking is that many software developers fall into more than one of these camps depending on the situation. For example, I can safely say that I have been a Ninja, a Code Cowboy (yes, I admit I have written spaghetti code) and an Evangelist ---- on the same project! Here is my favorite:

#4: Vince Neil

This 40-something is a throwback to 1984 in all of the wrong ways. Sporting big hair, ripped stonewashed jeans, and a bandana here or there, Vince sits in the office humming Bon Jovi and Def Leppard tunes throughout the workday. This would not be so bad if “Pour Some Sugar on Me” was not so darned infectious.

Vince is generally a fun person to work with, and actually has a ton of experience, but just never grew up. But Vince becomes a hassle when he or she tries living the rock ‘n roll lifestyle to go with the hair and hi-tops. It’s fairly hard to work with someone who carries a hangover to work every day.

....and, yes, Pour Some Sugar On Me *is* infectious if you hear it enough. It's crazy! :-)