A Proud Father Moment

Official seal of City of BuffaloBuffalo Bills helmet

I depart from my normal technology/business related posts for a just a moment...

I spent some of my formidable childhood years in Buffalo, New York. I lived there from about 1 to about 8 years old. I am avid sports fan, especially NFL Football. I established my team loyalties during that age range when I lived in Buffalo. As such, my favorite teams are the Buffalo Bills (NFL) and Buffalo Sabres (NHL).

So you can imagine how proud it made me to hear one of my 21 month old sons (Devan) say the word "Buffalo". Actually he says it like "Buf-a-wlo". This all came to being as we left the boys at the grandparents for an evening and my father was determined to get the kids to say Buffalo. When we came to pick them up the next day, the Buffalo Bills had just beaten the Washington Redskins and Devan exclaimed "Buf-a-wlo!". Of course, my father coached him for a better part of a day and told him to say it ;-). But, nevertheless, it was great to hear that word come from Devan's mouth.

A proud father moment, indeed! --- one of many. It's funny how little things such as this can bring you some joy. :-)

...and now I return you back to normal programming.