Being the holidays, and remembering the lists of things I used to ask for from Santa, I thought I would make a post about lists.

I admit it. I like lists. No, programmers, I am not talking about the data structure kind -- although those are fine in their own right. I am talking about those other types of lists -- the ones that, for example, rank items in a certain category.

For example, I like David Letterman's Top 10 lists. I like Billboard's Top 200 lists. I like Ebert and Roeper's 10 Best (and Worst) movies of the year. I like a city's top 10 restaurants.

I know these type of lists are subjective and have no real intrinsic meaning. But lists like these serve a couple of purposes that I find valuable:

  1. They remind you to do or get something. For example, I was reading a list displaying the Top 300 rock songs of all time. It reminded me to go buy some music to add to my music collection.
  2. They are good conversation starters. For example, if you and some friends are going out to a restaurant, but do not know where to go, you can always look up a list and say "Well, Food Magazine says the best restaurant in Anytown, USA is McDonalds". Then you discuss whether you should go to McDonalds or not (although, if your best choice is McDonald's, well, ummm.....)
  3. They help you find out about a person or entity. For example, if you see a list that ranks the top 10 movies of all time, and they all have Mr. Bean as the lead character, that would tell you something about the person who created the list (what that would tell you, I am not sure, nor do I think I really want to know)

So periodically, I may throw in some posts where I list some of my favorite items (songs, movies, quotes, books, programming languages, etc..). It will give you a chance to find out some more about me, what I am into, and maybe trigger something that you can go do or get.