MacRumors Live MacWorld 2009 Keynote Feed Hacked!

<Warning: semi-R-Rated Content Here> Ugh!

I tuned in this morning to (which is now down) over there at MacRumors see what interesting goodies were going to come from Apple at this, their last MacWorld, and during their first announcement of iLife '09, I started noticing some strange phrases coming from their twitter-like feed.

Here is a screenshot of the good, normal, G-Rated feed I was watching:


Good Feed



And here is where it got crazy and R-Rated.  I crossed out some things for the innocent :)  :


Hacked Feed



I wasn’t very happy about this because MacRumors had the best live feed going, and obviously they had to shut it down. But, it does go to show that hackers are abound, and the next time I am sure that MacRumors will double check their security before going through this circus again.

MacRumors even issued a mea culpa on their site. Good for them! I think MacRumors is still one of the best Apple sites around.


MacRumors Mea Culpa