Goodbye Tiger, Hello Leopard

Today at 6 PM, where ever you are in the world, Apple lets yet another big cat out of its cage. Leopard, the next major Mac operating system update from Apple, will be delivered, bought and/or installed on many a Mac computer. I ordered mine from Amazon because I am frugal, I suppose. So I won't be getting mine until next week. But, I did get an email this morning with the oh-so familiar Amazon subject line: Your order has shipped.That's good news. And, I will be heading out to my local Apple store to see the hoopla (I did that for the iPhone and it was kinda wild -- I don't expect it to nearly match that for Leopard though)...and then have a nice meal at Chick-Fil-A with the family.

 Now, given I am a relatively new Apple convert (I just got my MacBook Pro back in June), I am not sure what to expect with this new update. Apparently, there are 300+ new features or updates from Tiger (the previous Mac operating system).

What I am going to be looking for is how I feel about this update as compared to Windows Vista. I am in the minority in my opinion that Windows Vista is worth the upgrade -- and I am running it on a Mac, which is also relatively rare. So we'll see how how impressed I am with Leopard.