The Mobile Phone Shuffle Sucks

Leaving a company is stressful for many obvious reasons. But one that adds to the stress level quite a bit is around the mobile phone. My company gave me a mobile phone and plan when I joined. And, like most everyone else, the phone became a business/personal phone. Thus, my family, friends, acquaintances call me on this line -- more than any co-workers do, for sure.

When I leave, I have to give the phone, phone number and plan back. Man, I can't even transfer to another plan and keep the phone number!!!

So, now I am put in the position of trying to find a new phone and plan in the most seamless way possible. Seamless, yeah right -- gotta find the right plan, the right phone, tell all of my contacts, update my resume, update my bank information and other on-line sources, etc. :-(

The mobile phone shuffle sucks! If I ever work for a company again, and not for myself, I believe I will have a clear separation of personal and business mobile phones. I don't want to go through this again.

Well, I need to have all this straightened out by next Friday. Wish me luck :-)

 (btw, I know there are worse atrocities in the world -- I am just trying to make a point even on a relatively trivial situation such as this)